You have decided that the best printer for you is a Laser Printer. Now you have to decide Monochrome or Color.

  1. Monochrome Lasers

What is  a Monochrome Laser?

It uses only black toner. All color images will be printed in gray scale.


  • Only one toner cartridge to replace.
  • Black Toner is less expensive than color toners.
  • Usually smaller footprint than a color printer.


  • Sometimes you want some color in your printing.

2. Color Lasers

A Color Laser uses four toners: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.


  • Adds excitement to your documents
  • You have the choice to use color or black only.


  • Color Laser printers cost more than Monochrome Laser printer.
  • Color toner is more expensive than black.
  • Color printers tend to be large.

If you do not do a lot of color printing, don’t let the cost of the toners put you off.

I bought a color laser 8 years ago. My daughter told me I was crazy. The cost of the color toners would be more than the price of the printer. I still am working with the original color toners. Zero money spent on color toners.


PC Magazine Best Laser Printers of 2017

Techwalla Definition of a Monochrome Laser Printer





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