IT IS ALL GONE! This wasn’t suppose to happen to me!

Backing Up your data is very important. In Tech Support we have a saying, “It isn’t  IF your hard drive is going to fail, it is WHEN will it fail”.

I advise making more than one backup. If something happens to one backup, you will have the second.

The general rule is keep 3 backups: Grandfather, Father, Son.

  • Grandfather is the oldest backup.
  • This is the backup that you overwrite.
  • The Father backup then becomes the Grandfather.
  • Make sure all your backups are good before overwriting.
  • Overwriting a good backup with a corrupt file is not a good thing.

Storing Your Backups

  • Don’t keep you original and backups on the same computer.
  • If possible, keep one copy in another location, like your work.

What Should I Back Up?

Files that are important to you. Examples:

  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • XML files

Backing Up Program Files

You cannot backup program files without special software. You need Image Software to back up your whole hard drive.

Keep your original install disks or download keys in a safe place. You will have to reinstall your programs.

Backup Your Computer Password

Make a Reset Password Disk for your Windows computer. Most people skip this when first setting up their computer. Microsoft does not keep track of passwords. There are very few legal ways to find lost passwords. If you forget your password, you have lost the contents of your computer.

How To Create Password Reset Disk Windows 10


How To Create Password Reset Disk Windows 7


What is Imaging Software

Best Imaging Software

PC Magazine Best Backup Software of 2017



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