Types of Printers

There are two basic types of printers for home printing: Ink Jet and Laser printers.

My Recommendation

If you aren’t planning on printing photos I recommend a Laser printer. The overall year-to-year cost of toner is lower than inks for an Ink Jet printer. As well the print quality is higher for a Laser printer.

If you want to print your own photos, Ink Jet is your only choice. Be warned though printing photos on your Ink Jet printer is expensive. This includes the cost for both the inks and the photo paper. It is much cheaper to take your pictures to a photo developer.

Considerations Before Purchasing Your Printer

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of printers.

  • Ink Jets are good for photos, Lasers are not.
  • You can find Ink Jet printer for under $50.
  • Laser printers cost at least $150.
  • One toner cartridges does 5-10 times more pages than the equivalent costing Ink Jet inks.
  • Ink Jet inks will dry up if you don’t print at least once a week.
  • Laser toners are dry powder and last for years unused.
  • In general Lasers take up more self space than Ink Jets, especially if you want a copier on your machine.

People frequently buy Ink Jet printers because of the low initial cost of the machine.

Remember you will be paying $100 for inks at least every 2 months whether you use your printer every day or just once a month. (For more information check out  Consumer Reports: The Cost of Ink).

With your Laser printer you will be spending $100 on toner once or twice per year.



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